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Spare a Thought - Jenny Symons

This moving and thought-provoking collection of poems is a proof of the beneficial and therapeutic effects of poetry. From the abyss of her mental distress Jenny Symons manages to create beautiful art. Her poems tap into the quintessential questions of what it means to be human, exploring, with an innocent and sincere eye, every aspect of existence, form the contemplative and restoring powers of nature to the overwhelming and dehumanising influence of the chaotic and greedy modern life. Ultimately, the collection represents the poet’s journey of self-discovery, through which the readers themselves are driven to reflect on the fundamental need for kindness and understanding.

Being Bridie: The Diary of an Aspiring Mother - Casey O'Connor

Casey O’Connor’s diaristic novel about a woman’s pursuit of motherhood – and the troubles and struggles this joyful job brings with it – is an entertaining exploration of what it really means to be a parent. A story packed with twists and turns, narrated by Bridie Kelly’s distinctive and amusing voice, which will ride you through the full spectrum of emotions: from heart-breaking resignation to hopeful excitement, from unexpected tragedy to thrilling suspense.


The book also offers an interesting depiction of Ireland’s different socioeconomic realities, giving a glimpse of the workings of the foster care system and of social services (or ‘SS’, as Bridie likes to call them) procedures. This is an enthralling debut novel by a very promising author.

Joe Gillespie: a Master of the Sci-Fi Short Story

— feeling alien
Professor Magneto and his Amazing Mechanical Man: And 20 Other Short Stories - Joe Gillespie

Joe Gillespie and his amazing collection of science fiction short stories will teleport you in a dazzling world of prodigious imagination. This captivating sequence of bizarre tales, showcasing the ghastly dangers and mesmerising wonders of Artificial Intelligence and alien life, will turn your viewpoint upside-down over and over again. Gillespie has the exceptional ability to give voice to the most peculiar and unfamiliar of perspectives; as you experience life through the eyes of a trapped moth, a leg of a chair, an ultra-efficient droid or a machine-bred child, you will come to see that nothing is as it seems.